Le Club d'Investisseurs
Immobiliers du Quebec

  • November 25, 2022
  • Quentin
  • French


This is Quentin, today I want to tell you about my first step in real estate in Quebec with the Club des investisseurs immobiliers du Québec (CIIQ).

Monthly networking

Let's set the context before getting to the heart of the matter. My start in real estate investing was part of a long-term investment plan. I started by training in stock market and then crypto investing in 2017 when I started my career. The next step was real estate investing, I started with an online introductory training on the French market offered by Christopher Wangen in 2021. Living in Montreal since the end of 2018, I thought I could invest in France from Canada but it is rather complicated to get financing from a French bank when you live abroad without having a property to place as collateral to reassure the banks. In April 2022 I returned to France for the first time since my departure, so I took the opportunity to make the tour of the banks. That's why at the end of 2021 I launched into the search for a training on the Quebec market because the financing and taxation differs between France and Quebec and an investor must be comfortable with the rules of the game to be successful. So I searched on the internet for what was available on the market. Then I contacted people who had followed Christopher Wangen's training in Quebec and bingo, I was able to exchange with Jérémy who had recommended the CIIQ books. From then on, I learned more about the Club, which has been the reference in the field in Quebec since 2001, founded by Jacque Lépine and now presided by Yvan Cournoyer. At that moment, I didn't really have any hesitation and I took my place for cohort 51 of the Elite 2022 program (from January to September).

The program consists of 10 classes of 6 hours each during 10 months from 9am to 4pm. In my group we were about 60 people. By joining the program we had 5 hours of personalized call with the coaches to answer our questions, access to a private facebook group gathering all the graduates is also open. For more information do not hesitate to contact me or visit the CIIQ website.

10 courses, 60 hours of coaching, 5 hours of personal calls, 40 hours of networking.

During these 10 months of training I was able to learn how to research and analyze a property, how bank financing works and how to write an offer to purchase. Halfway through the course we learned how to visit a property and inspect it for potential problems before buying. Then we saw the different financing and negotiation techniques. In course 7, we were introduced to taxation by Me Richard D'Amour. Due diligence is one of my favorite courses because it covers all the points to check on the property before buying it. It was followed by another course that I really appreciated, real estate management, and we finished with a course on NLP and ethics applied to real estate investment. During these courses, the coaches also shared their experiences with us. Ray Vincent's interventions to work on our mindset and our motivation are unforgettable. During the year 2022, I read 10 books written by the coaches, I think it's my record.

Diplome CIIQ Quebec Real Estate Investor Certificate

At the end of each class we could stay and chat at the bar with the other students to get to know each other better. Sometimes we even went to the restaurant together for dinner. It was a really good atmosphere, everyone was talking about their personal experience. Furthermore, the CIIQ organizes a networking evening every first Tuesday of the month with a prestigious guest speaker. On my side, I continue my experience with a monthly mastermind with 4 other members of the club and we also have a facebook group to gather the students of group 51 to stay in touch.

To sum up, I really enjoyed my experience with the CIIQ. It allowed me to familiarize myself with all the principles of real estate investment in Quebec and to start building a network. In the summer, I realized that my mindset had really evolved, which I am very proud of.

At the end of November 2022, I am actively looking for a small plex, ideally a triplex, in the area of Verdun, Little Burgundy and Saint-Henri in the South West of Montreal.